Hi, we're Ryan Werner and Adam Steiner. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! 

We love being active and outdoors. Eating healthy has always gone hand in hand with that.  We dreamt up the idea for NOKA during a mountain bike ride in the Santa Monica Mountains above Los Angeles. It was a hot day and at the top of a climb, we craved something light and refreshing like a smoothie. Just like that, an idea flourished into NOKA, an endeavor that bridges our love for the outdoors and eating right.

As foodies we designed NOKA first and foremost to be delicious. We started with the highest quality fruits and vegetables and then added vegan protein, flaxseed for Omega-3, and exotic superfoods sourced from wise cultures around the world. NOKA is designed to deliver organic energy that leaves you feeling light, refreshed and satisfied without the weight of excess calories and carbs that you work so hard to burn off. Served in a convenient squeeze pack, NOKA can go anywhere from the gym to work to your travel bag. 

We know that you have plans for all kinds of adventures of your own and we hope you make NOKA a part of them!