Noka’s uniquely delicious Superfood Smoothie Packs squeeze next-level nourishment into a convenient pouch, so you can feel refreshed & revitalized wherever you go.

Packed full of goodness

+Prebiotic Fiber

Delicious blends of organic fruits & veggies with plant protein, prebiotic fiber & flax, bursting with functional nutrition and delicious flavor.

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+Immune Support

5g of plant protein, flax, and a vitamin and mineral blend that provides 100% of the daily value of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, 30% of Vitamin D and 50% of Zinc for more of the nutrition and energy you need.

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Variety Pack

Can't choose?

We know the feeling! Try a great sampling of our six best-selling varieties today! You'll get one of each: Strawberry Pineapple, Cherry Acai, Mango Coconut, Blueberry Beet, Blackberry Vanilla and Sweet Potato Goji fruit smoothie pouches.

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Perfect snack for those who don’t have time in the morning or need a quick pick me up. I’m on the road a lot in my job and sometimes I don’t have time for lunch. These don’t require refrigeration and are perfect for a pick me up. I feel energized within 15 minutes!

- Nick M.

These are amazing, fantastic in between meal snack!! I do yoga 6 days a week and am a vegan so easy protein with superfoods annnnnd no garbage is a huge plus. They are yummy. Perfection. Subscribed for life.

- Christina M.

I am so in love with these packs! Not only are they organic and a healthy option for hiking/obstacle racing, but they are delicious! And a super plus was no cramping after-effect. Will purchase more in the future for sure!

- Aurora